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Introducing: The Crazy Creator of All Things Bright and Cheerful - Handmade Statement Earrings and Accessories

Hello, its me!  Amie!

The crazy creative behind your colourful jewellery!  Lover of handmade statement earrings, made in New Zealand!

I live in the beautiful Hawkes Bay where I homeschool my 3 children and work part time admining for our flooring busines.  I have been making on and off for the last 8 years but Mesamie started in 2019.  

What does Mesamie mean?  It is a play on words between my first and last names, and the french word for "My Friends".  Because that is where it all started!  I have loved seeing my friends and family enjoy the colourful earrings, and now I get to enjoy many around the country and beyond enjoy them too!

My statement earrings are handmade by me in my little tiny 'studio' at the back of the house using a mixture of media from polymer clay, laser cut acrylic, metals and faux leather. 

After many hours spent researching the benefits of Titanium, I now exclusively use USA made posts that have Titanium ear pins - (Certified ASTM F-67).  Once I test the longevity of Sterling Silver with clay, I will also be adding those.

So if you love eye-popping, colourful and one of a kind jewellery and have a passion for supporting SMALL, supporting handmade, supporting NZ business - then girrrrrl, we are a match made in shopping heaven.

Thanks for your support 

Amie xx

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