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Introducing: The Crazy Creator of All Things Bright and Cheerful - Handmade Statement Earrings and Accessories

Hi!  Welcome to my little slice of the WWW - I am glad you found me and decided to read more!

I love colour, I love earrings and I love creatiing.

MESAMIE came about after playing with clay and other media on and off since 2012...  Since then, I decided to homeschool my 3 kids and - as you can imagine - means I need some theraputic creative time periodically!  I initially made earrings for my friends (and family) and so the name is a play on words between my names and My Friends in French.

After HOURS upon HOURS of reseach on ear sensitivity and the different metals available for earring use, I decided the best option would be to exclusively use Titanium and occasionally other metals such as Sterling Silver (.925), Argentium Silver (.935) and Niobium.  It is much more rare for anyone to react to these metals compared with stainless and 'surgical' steel and I felt it meant even more beautiful women can enjoy beautiful earrings!

I would love to make and make every week, but due to my demanding schedule and responsibilites it is not possible to get regular time in the little back room!  As such, at times, you will find you are not able to find any earrings to purchase and the best way forward is to have semi-regular releases as and when required. 

You have to be quick around here!  Release night is usually quite a fanfare!!  

To be kept up to date on the next release times - feel free to Join The Club and subscribe to the email list!  ( I really don't email all that often!)

Thanks for hanging around!  I look forward to seeing what you choose soon!!

Amie xx

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