About Mesamie

Introducing: The Crazy Creator of All Things Bright and Cheerful - Handmade Statement Earrings and Accessories

Hello, its me!  Amie!

The crazy creative behind your colourful jewellery!

Mesamie has developed over the course of time, from making purely for myself, to my friends and family and now to as many as possible!  The name is a play on words - between my own name, and My Friends who inspire many of my pieces.

I absolutely LOVE making earrings and other bits, wallets and purses, the bolder, the brighter, the more 'different', the better.  I get so much joy from working with my hands, from clay to fabric, to metals and turning them into products that make other people happy.  Everything here is small batch - meaning chances are, you won't bump into Susan down the road wearing the same thing (and if you do, you are both pretty rad for having epic jewellery taste!)

So if you love eye-popping, colourful and one of a kind jewellery and have a passion for supporting SMALL, supporting handmade, supporting NZ business - then girrrrrl, we are a match made in shopping heaven.

Thanks for your support 

Amie xx

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Hastings New Zealand

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