Artiste 2.0 - Mini Rounds

Artiste 2.0 - Mini Rounds
Hand-painted, light weight clay earrings in a MINI statement size.

Titanium Ear Pins
We only have 2 items left. Don't miss out!

The second edition of the popular Artiste Collection!  Stunning, handcrafted earrings in a painted design.

**These pairs are a mini statement.  Perfect for a those who like small earrings or can't wear bigger styles to work**

Handmade in very small batches - this collection has 2 pairs of each shape only.

Made from lightweight clay, hand painted in liquid clay and ethically sourced mica powder with a touch of glitter.

An elegant yet colourful arrangement of NZ Made Earrings.

All set on Allergy friendly Titanium ear pins.

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