Lemon Colour Block Tassels

Thank You for your overwhelming support in 2020.  I am now having a retail break until 2021. Reopening dates will be announced over social media.  In the meantime, you can purchase from any of my stockists on the stockist page.

Lemon Colour Block Tassels
Lemon Tassel Earrings

Titanium Posts
We only have 2 items left. Don't miss out!

* Best Seller *  Colour Block Tassel Earrings - Adding a colour-pop to your outfits since 2019

Lemon Acrlyic Top with Lemon Silk/Rayon Tassels.  Total Length 95mm (also available in shorties)

The Colour Block Tassels range is our best sellers - did I tell you that already?  Well they are, just in case you missed it.  I especially love them because they come in a really eclectic mix of colours that I am always changing up.  They are light and easy to wear but man do they pack a colour punch!  Best still - they are set with Hypoallergenic Titanium Posts - so excellent for senstive ears.

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